Selection process

Dancenet Sweden´s partners mutually agree on the productions they wish to present. The selection process span over a number of meetings since the partners wish to create time to discuss the applications received.

At the first selection meeting our 15 partners agree on 20 productions they wish to discuss further. This enables the partners to explore the prospects of the performance in relation to their own scenes/venues before making a final decission.

To enable Dancenet Sweden to arrange a tour it is essential that a number of partners wish to present the performance as well as to agree on a tour period which functions for the scenes as well as for the chosen company/choreographer. During the selection process Dancenet Sweden’s office works as a mediating contact between the partners and choreographer/group.

The selection is not based on any given criteria, but are made based on respective partner’s wish to create a diverse selection from several aspects – style, gender, established or emerging artists, Swedish or international etc. An important aspect for partners is that Dancenet Sweden’s touring production will fit well in the planning of their season programs.

The need for long-term planning by the partners, presenters and chosen companies/choreographers signifies that decisions are made one year prior to the tour period.  Hence the decisions for the coming year’s spring season is made in March the current year and the coming year’s autumn season in October the year before.