Dancenet Sweden supports dance artists’ production processes through various forms of co-production. In 2021, we’ll co-produce AFIA’s first full-length piece Yebo Yes!, the final production phase of Stina Nyberg’s Make hay while the sun shines, Robin Jonsson’s new performance Alone Together and of itself: in itself by Marit Shirin Carolasdotter.

Due to the current pandemic and the severe situation for the indipendent dance field, the network decided in 2020 to allocate co-production funds to productions affected by the pandemic and its consequences. The following productions have been allocated special co-production funds during 2020:

Bättre folk by Hagar Malin Hellkvist Sellén
In a Cage of Light (arbetstitel) by Charlotta Öfverholm/Age on Stage
Moby Dick by Danskompaniet Spinn/Producentbyrån 
of itself: in itself
by Marit Shirin Carolasdotter
Svart fågel
(arbetstitel) by Maria Naidu/armar & ben
Drive-in Performance by Rachel Tess and Frédéric Gies

The wider purpose of our co-production is to create a framework to further professionalization of the co-production processes countrywide. The national co-productions should result in longer productions and touring periods, better working conditions for the dance artists and an increased knowledge of co-productions by organizing and producing participants in the country. During the years we have worked with varying forms of residence and through the co-production model created by Dancenet Sweden in cooperation with Nordberg Movement and Anna Efraimsson.