An extremely devoted man and 22 conference chairs form the basis of this intelligent and playful solo. PLI is an ingenious art performance which excels in its ability to surprise.

Viktor Černický is the multidisciplinary artist who, from the very beginning of his career, took the field of performing arts by storm. He has astonished the audience with his refreshing ideas and received number of awards for his unique style. Viktor Černický has been called both a visionary and a future hope for the performing arts.

PLI is Černický’s second piece, a nerve-wracking performance which turnes the conventions of performing upside down. One by one he stacks his chairs with tremendous patience and a little madness until they form magnificent fragments of architecture or imaginative sculptures.

Using the clever combination of a simple room and an abundance of chairs the performance has ability to be both minimalistic and grandiose at the same time. PLI is an unpredictable and humorous performance balancing between madness and commitment.


PLI is not just a great performance, it is a visionary step. A window into the theatre of the future where fundamentals of conventional art forms no longer apply.
Dance Zone, Martin Macháček

A unique piece, dazzling with its genius simplicity and absolute harmony of all elements. From my point of view it definitely belongs among candidates for theatre event of the season, the author has set the bar really high.
Dance News, Josef Bartoš

Such incredibly powerful is this childlish world with its simplicity, craziness and fears.
Dance Zone, Veronika Hrabalová


Concept, choreography, performance: Viktor Černický
Lighting design: Zuzana Rezná
Dramaturgy: Lukás Karásek
Technical realization: Drahomir Stulir
Co-production: PONEC – dance venue

Photo: Vojtěch Brtnický
Duration: 40min

In collaboration with: PONEC – dance venue (CZ), Buran Teatr Brno (CZ), CNK Záhrada Banská Bystrica (SK), Théâtre De L’arsenal Val-de-Reuil (FR), CIRQUEON Praha (CZ), Alfréd ve dvore Theatre (CZ), Studio Alta and Festival Bazaar (CZ), Pôton Theatre (SK), Festival Kiosk (SK), CSC – Centro per la Scena Contemporanea Bassano del Grappa (IT)
Financially supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and The City of Brno.

PLI has been awarded with the Audience Award and Total Award of the Czech Dance Platform 2019. Viktor Černický has received a nomination for concept and choreography in Dance and Movement Theatre category at Theatre News Award 2019.

On tour with Dancenet Sweden autumn 2021.