The Gothenburg-based street dance company Twisted Feet embarks for the second time on a dance tour with Dancenet Sweden. They take on the great challenge of changing our future with a conviction to spread an important message by using powerful dance numbers.

Twisted Feets performance 5 Degrees starts when humanity is heading for its doom. The climate threat has come true and there are fumes of gases and flares of smoke. Now, because of human recklessness, the earth trembles. Through Twisted Feets dance talent we will revel in this dystopian world. The audience is invited to an unforgettable evening with powerful dance numbers, dealing with our time’s most burning matter – the climate issue.

5 Degrees is a performance which combinates culture and science with the latest technique. Together with projections and light effects the dancers embody the future with sadness and hopefulness.

It’s a fast-paced show taking steps towards a sustainable future – all packaged in a special form of performing arts, an art which Twisted Feets has become famous for. An artistic profile with a recognizable fusion between the theatrical stage language and the captivating visual power of street dance.

You can expect ruthless intensity and sharpness together with an important message regarding climate change and our future on earth. Come and experience a performance with the power to change!

Twisted Feet has previously toured with Dansnät Sverige with the performance In the Mind of Jean Piere, as part of the Urban Connection Tour 2012. 


The dancers are terrific and perform the most violent convulsions with great precision. But Twisted Feets also lets tranquillity talk. In an unforgettable moment the light-designer Carl Johan (Lalle) Pedersjö makes water well over the salon. Eerie and beautiful.
Göteborgs Posten


Direction: Denny Hulten, Zerjon Abebe, Nina Kollbrunner, Tony Hulten & Marco Wihlborg
Choreography: Denny Hulten, Zerjon Abebe, Nina Kollbrunner, Marco Wihlborg
Script: Denny Hulten, Twisted Feet & Christofer Bocker
Guest choreographer: Mia Hellberg
Light designer: Carl Johan “Lalle” Norrhamn
Set up design: Torulf Wetterot
Costume: Majli Af Ekenstam
Video:  Tony Hulten, Daniel Hägglund & Marcel Gomes
Sound production & edit: Denny Hulten & Zerjon Abebe
Duration: 75 min
Photo: Tony Hulten, Johnny Kääpä

Tours with Dancenet Sweden spring 2022