She learned to knit shawls in a snow-covered Norrland in order to keep warm – now, ten years later, Paloma Muñoz is back in Sweden.

It is now almost ten years ago that Paloma worked with the Swedish dance company Norrdans and toured the “exotic” Lappland. She has now returned to Sweden with her own performance La Piel Vacia (the empty skin). A performance created for five dancers who, with precision and technical skills, put the somewhat unconventional question – how do we inhabit our skin? The skin can be a happy room but can also be transformed to a prison. Can we get out of our skin? How can we get in touch with the inside? Dressed in skin coloured latex suites they articulate a chorography with great sense of form and dynamics.

La Piel Vacia was first created as a 15-minutes performance and won several awards. The longer version which is now being toured by Dansnet Sweden had its grand opening in Barcelona 2018.

“Everything works as a machine in which all pieces fit: melody, rhythm, movement, transition between parts… As a result, there is a choreography that progresses with a great execution and it is very well directed. It has a great visual beauty and lots of sensibility. Truly sublime.”
                                                                                                   Neus Mónico Fernández from Teatre Barcelona


Artistic Direction and Choreography: Paloma Muñoz
Dancers: Tanit Cobas Rodriguez, Lara Misó, Raquel Klein, Laura Lliteras och Julia Sanz
Music: Marc Blanes och Nuu
Sound installation: Guillem Llotge
Sound technician: Rodrigo Rammsy
Light design: Jaume Ortiz
Costume: Laura Diéguez
Executive production: Rita Stivala

On tour with Dancenet Sweden spring 2020

Photo: Jenny Rojas