A solo performance vibrating with fury, swagger and humanity

Just like a documentary dance by Ken Loach, Oona Doherty invites the people we seldom meet on a dance scene. Belfast’s young men, with their violence, vulnerability, burst of fury and their sense of boredom.

The dancer Mufasa-Sandrine Lescourant channels in quick sequences aggression, humour, merriment and despair. The social portraits are fragmented and yet meticulously detailed, with sometimes overpowering physics and vocal energy. Gestures, sounds and words are combined in a distinct body language, and twists ideas of masculinity and moral.

Hope Hunt and the Ascension into Lazarus is a performance which deconstructs stereotypes and find beauty in periphery.

press quotes

“[Hope Hunt is] the perfect introduction to Doherty’s stunning embodiment of a stratum of society rarely touched on in dance, the working-class male: specifically chavs, neds, smicks (depending on where you come from), often demonised, rarely sympathetic. But Doherty takes on her subjects not only with keen observation but, more importantly, with love.”
The Guardian


Concept, choreography: Oona Doherty
Performance: Sandrine “Mufasa” Lescourant
Sound: Oona Doherty, Chris McCorry and Strength NIA
Light: Sarah Gordon
Hunter in the Car+ post show DJ: Luca Truffarelli
Technical Director and legend: Sarah Gordon
Produced by: Sarah Gordon, Oona Doherty
Original Hunter Juice, and continued Chi : Neil Brown
Co-production: Arts Council of Northern Ireland, British Council 2015–2016
Duration: 35 min

Photo: Luca Truffarelli

Winner of the 2016 Dublin Tigre Fringe Award: Best Performance. Nominated for Best Production
Winner of the Total Theatre Award for Dance at Edinburgh Festival 2017

On tour with Dancenet Sweden in Spring 2020