she emerges through rituals and urban dance

The Sky Above, the Mud Below takes the audience on a journey between religious tension and femininity.

Grown up in Salzburg with a mother from the catholic part of Kärnten and a father from the Muslim minority of Sri Lanka, Farah Deen lets her personal experiences of a polarized cultural climate be the theme that drains through the performance. The stage floor is covered with Muslim and Christian symbols, which together with the choreography, creates a topology to relate to for both dancer and audience. With her roots in Hip Hop, Freestyle and House, Farah Deen elaborates with her own urban expressions and takes on the movements of the religious rituals in a stage setting created by the artist Golnaz Bashiris’.

Golnaz Bashiri, a freelancing multidisciplinary artist, has worked under-ground in Tehran since 2013. Her scenography could last be seen in the performance Hearing which made a guest performance at Dramaten during the Bergman Festival 2018.

Hungry Sharks is an urban dance company from Austria, led by chorographer Valentin Alfery and producer Dusana Baltic. Dancenet Sweden toured their performance #fomo – the fear of missing out during autumn 2018, in which Farah Deen participated as a dancer. We are delighted to once more feature Hungry Sharks, and now with Farah Deen’s personal solo The Sky Above, the Mud Below.

PRESS quotes

“[…] a splendidly poetic, hauntingly narrated journey towards individual identity, religious conflict zones and self-determined womanhood.” Kronen Zeitung



Dance: Farah Deen
Choreography: Valentin Alfery
Artistic assistance: Dagmar Dachauer
Music: Patrick Gutensohn
Stage set, costume: Golnaz Bashiri
Lighting design: Jasper Diekamp
Production: Dusana Baltic

On tour with Dancenet Sweden Spring 2020