WAGNER, wishes AND forbidden questions

Charlotte Engelkes continues to explore Richard Wagner’s world of opera– playful, deadly serious and totally bonkers. After the success with Miss Very Wagner and Siegfried – the Very Wagner Hero Hour it’s time for the Lohengrin Dreams– a piece about standing up for your dreams, then giving in to pressure and finally finding yourself asking the one question you have sworn never to ask: “Where do you come from?”

With three dancers, two acrobats and one opera singer, Engelkes presents her latest epic performance. The Lohengrin Dreams deals with the struggle between belief and doubt, fairy tale and sink realism, wrapped in wondrous and quaint aesthetic, to new written music and Wagner. Will the swan-borne hero ever show up? And from where? Could popping the question rather connect us than separate us?

The premiere of Engelkes performance will take place at Norrlandsoperan on 23 November 2019.


On stage: Magnus Bjøru, Ivonne Fuchs, Ageliki Gouvi, Anthony Lomuljo, Henrietta Wallberg,
Simon Wiborn
Idea, direction, set: Charlotte Engelkes
Music, sound design: Willi Bopp, R Wagner, Norrlandsoperans symfoniorkester
Choreography: Ossi Niskala
Light design, scenografi: Karl Svensson
Costume, masque, props: Anna Ardelius
Photo: Mats Bäcker
Producer: Åsa Edgren
A co-production between: ASTARTE in collaboration with Norrlandsoperan, Dansnät Sverige, Regionteatern Blekinge Kronoberg, Sasha Waltz & Guests Berlin, Spira/Smålands Musik & Teater

On tour with Dancenet Sweden autumn 2019/spring 2020

With support by Swedish Arts Council and Stockholms stad