Tours 2009

Gilda Stillbäck
b rör mig

b rör mig is a dance and a theatre performance about loneliness, being two – and the space between. We meet Gilda Stillbäck and Aldo Velásquez on stage, who with a mixed sense of terror and enthusiasm are throne between the turbulence of tango, the intensity of the meeting and the security of the embrace. On stage is also the composer and musician Tomas Jeker. He performs a sparkling new interpretation of the Argentine tango music. B rör mig moves between light, film and water and as a read thread the modern tango twines round the classical tango.

Gilda Stillbäck is a dancer and choreographer and was educated at Kungliga Svenska Balettskolans’ contemporary courses. Stillbäck has, through her travels to Paris and Buenos Aires, made deep research into the art of Argentine tango and works to unite tango with contemporary dance.

B rör mig was performed in Härnösand, Vara, Linköping, Västerås and Varberg.

Les SlovaKs

Opening Night

The members of Les SlovaKs started their dance careers early. The five guys from Slovakia have now, after several years abroad with world famous companies and choreographers such as ROSAS, Ultima Vez, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Akram Khan, been reunited. Opening Night is their first joint performance and their background and long friendship makes them unusually synchronized, the performance is funny, playful and has a sense of passionate enthusiasm.

Opening Night was performed in Malmö, Jönköping, Stockholm, Linköping, Sundsvall and Umeå.


Kenneth Kvarnström
Destruction Song

Destruction Song is a work clearly signed K. Kvarnström & Co. and proves that time hasn’t stood still since we last saw them six years ago. Kenneth Kvarnström has a unique capacity to touch the audience with dance-movements, disclosing the dance-art’s inner soul and to reach your inner senses.

Kenneth Kvarnström has once again worked with his dream-team. The costumes are designed by the internationally famous designer Helena Hörstedt. The powerful music has been created by Jukka Rintamäki, which interplays with the light designer and scenographer Jens Sethzman’s lyrical aesthetic, in a dance performance which is as black as a winter night.

Destruction Song was performed in Stockholm, Göteborg, Linköping, Lund, Malmö, Västerås, Kungsbacka and Jönköping.


Skånes Dansteater

Interference is a performance which offers two different works by two very different choreographers; Susanna Leinonen from Finland and the London-based Israeli Hofesh Shechter. In Leionen’s fragile I entity the audience is moved away from everyday life through dresses and movements associated with both samurais and science fiction. They are closer to Matrix than to the actual world they are used to.

On the other side, Shechter’s places his dancers in the urban everyday life in Berlin, both with dresses and movements. Common to them both are that they are full of movements and putts the ensembles in focus.

Interferance was performed in Västerås, Halmstad, Gävle, Jönköping, Umeå and Uddevalla.


Cristina Caprioli/CCAP

Virtuoso dance on point with enormous speed, smart attitude and discretion, classic aesthetic and hatch-marked counterpoints. Cicadaremix is a tightly structured, double rocking choreography in which the classical and contemporary dance coincide.

Cicada is choreographed to Kevin Volan’s piece of music with the same name, a sensual duet for two grand pianos. In the process of creating Cidadermix the classical music was replaced with heavy electronic rhythm from Alva Notos Unitxt and in the performance the choreography is a strong and enthralling contrast to the radical electronic music.

Cristina Caprioli is one of Sweden’s most established and internationally respected choreographer. During the past 15 years she has, together with her dance company ccap, created performances, films, lectures, tours and strongly contributed to the progress of dance-art in Sweden. She was awarded Cullbergpriset 2006 for her intelligent and beautiful chorography. Cristina Caprioli is also professor in chorography at Danshögskolan in Stockholm.

Cicadaremix was performed in Jönköping, Göteborg, Borås and Udevalla.


Un loup pour l’homme
Appris par corps

The acrobatic couple Alexandre Fray from France and Frédéric Arsenault from Canada started their company Un loup pour l´homme in 2005 with the intention to examine their new, personal relationship with their disciplines and artforms. In their expanded versions of acrobatics as a couple and in the performance Appris par corps the relationship between the two men are in focus; an intensive, brittle and human relationship which is conveyed through virtuoso acrobatics and by using both dance and theatre. Appris par corps is a story about brotherhood, and how two individuals are for all times connected with and dependent on each other, sharing success as well as adversity in a changeover between violence and trust.

Appris par corps was performed in Vara, Göteborg, Malmö, Kramfors and Umeå.


Örjan Andersson/Andersson Dance
Pacing in vaudeville

Pacing in vaudeville is Dancenet Sweden’s residence performance 2009 and hosted by Dans i Halland and Kungsbacka teater.

Örjan Andersson creates with unfailing assurances dance arts for his own ensemble Andersson Dance as well as for Swedish and international companies. Andersson’s choreography examines time, room and energy in continual new ways and always gives the audience unforeseen and new experiences of what dance can be.

In Pacing in vaudeville Örjan Andersson continuous his collaboration with the scenographer and light designer Jens Sethzman and the dress designer Nina Sandström Hallberg.

Pacing in vaudeville was performed in Kungsbacka, Halmstad, Gävle, Jönköping, Härnösand, Malmö, Västerås, Karlskrona, Linköping, Umeå, Vara and Stockholm.


Helène Blackburn/Cas Public

Hundreds of lighted candles are on stage. The flames flutters while the dancers’ move. To the sound of Bach, played by the pianist on a grand piano, the dancers perform, sometimes on point, small stories about love and relationships, the glow of new love and the pain of breaking up.

The Canadian choreographer Hélène Blackburn’s work rests on ethnological examinations of human behaviour and a great passion for the dancing body. The company Cas Public was founded by her 20 years ago. The company continuously work to spread out and to introduce dance and its art-form to a new audience, and so in 2001 she created performances aimed at young people.

Diary was performed in Gävle, Stockholm, Linköping, Jönköping, Kungsbacka and Västerås.