sassy dance crew delivers lush empowerment

L.A.C. (Less Aggressive Clappers) is a sassy, all-female dance crew who delivers groove and succulent choreography. The performance starts severe and tough, in a futuristic aesthetic in which the perfect surface is the desirable. With street-dance as the starting point the five dancers move from being controlled towards liberation. L.A.C. creates an ingenuous flow to energetic beats and heavy bass and lands in a rigorous empowerment!

The Dance collective L.A.C. consists of Amanda Arin, Pauline Eddeborn, Jonna Hökengren, Maja Andersson and Malin Wikner. The members have performed at the Swedish Song Contest (Melodifestivalen), Eurovision Song Contest and Idol with artists such as Loreen, Benjamin Ingrosso, Darin, et al.


Choreography/dancers: Amanda Arin, Pauline Eddeborn, Jonna Hökengren, Maja Andersson, Malin Wikner
Light: Tobias Hallgren
Stage technician: Sebastian Beije
Music: Feyona Naluzzi Thylander (Pheeyownah)
Music editering: Feyona Naluzzi Thylander, Amanda Arin, Mario Perez Amigo, Alvaro Aguilera
Costume: Agnes Varhelyi
Photo: Anders J Larsson