Battle legendes clash in heroic kung-fu fight

Two battle scene legends clash in a heroic fight spurred by battle and Kung Fu.

After having seen numbers of Kung Fu films Inxi and Sasha decided to travel to Hongkong to gain knowledge from Kung Fu masters. With their great experience within Hip-Hop, popping and several years of battle they were ready to cultivate the South China Kung-Fu style Wing Chun.

The common purposes of Kung-Fu and battles are the skills and constant ambitions of becoming better. To meet and conquer an opponent without violence. This is what inspired the creating of Konflikt – a violence preventive duo where the participants use physical conversation, and answer to impulses and sharp electric frictions on the dance floor.


about the artists

Ida “Inxi” Holmlund is a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. She began her dance career 2009 at the Swedish Theatre in Helsinki and a year later she was top five in the Finish tv-version of the dance competition “So you think you can dance”.

Inxi is famous within vogue- and ballroom scenes and has, as a member of the vogue-house Prodigy, participated in the fashion magazine Vogues’s arrangements and at Balmain x H&Ms fashion shows in New York. She judges and competes in dance battles and has won battles as Womens Vogue at Latex Ball in New York (2015 and 2017) and Juste Debout in Paris.

Inxi has danced for the choreographers Mari Carrasco, Erik Linghede and Örjand Andersson among others. She has previously toured with Dancenet Sweden in the Andersson Dance´s performance Alae (2017) and Prelude – skydiving from a dream (2019).

Alexandr “Sasha” Antochvili has been a part of the Swedish Hip-Hop scene for more than 10 years. His expressions are enriched by his base in musicality, his high level of technical knowledge and his curiosity for movements and different sources of inspiration. Sasha enriched his street-dance knowhow at the Broadway Dance Centre in New York 2009. Among the numerous battle-titles he has won in Hip-Hop are Hyper Week (Italy), Urban Moves (Norway), and in Sweden Hip-Hop Revolution, Solo Kingz and Battle Bad.

Sasha became a member of the Gothenburg company Octagon Crew 2009 and the same year they won the Scandinavian breakdance championship. He has also participated in productions such as Kungarnas Gård at Folkteatern in Gothenburg (2011) and in the Eurovision Song Contest in Fredrik “Benke” Rydman’s Grey People (2016). As a member in Ambra Succi’s company Diambra C.A.M. he participated in the performance Striving to achieve at Dansens Hus in Stockholm (2017).


p.s. did you know that…

Wing Chuns originates from the 17th century. It was created by a Buddhist nun who invented an art of self-defence which functions regardless of the perpetrator’s height, weight or gender. Her inspiration is said to have originated from animal’s movements, particularly the crane. The nuns first trainee was, according to the legend, a young girl by the name of Yim Wing Chun, whom an outlaw chief tried to force into marriage. When she had mastered the art and forced the outlaw to leave, Yim Wing Chun requested that the self-defence art form should be named after her.


Dance, Choreography:  Ida ”Inxi” Holmlund, Alexandr ”Sashdilla” Antochvili
Music: Yared Cederlund
Light: Maria Ros
Co-production: Dansens Hus
Photo: Jose Figueroa

Tours with Dancenet Sweden autumn 2019.