In Body is a clapping, singing, dance evening containing three short performances. Each performance emanates from exploring different traditional flamenco-styles, turned and twisted from historical and contemporary perspectives. In the three dance acts one experiences a unique dance world, with song, music, electronic sound images and spoken word.

The members of the company, choreographers as well as dancers, have a background in different dance genres, such as jazz, ballet, contemporary and Afro-Cuban dance. This contributes to the nuances and shapes in the performances. You will experience a flamenco which lets the audience come closer to its power and beauty.

about the company

Dotdotdot Dance is a London based dance company founded by Magdalena Mannion, Yinka Esi Graves and Noemi Luz. Their intentions are to make the art form relevant to a versatile, international audience by creating flamenco told from an exploring female perspective.


“…Dotdotdot’s interrogations are intelligent, refreshing and compelling to watch.”
– Londondance.com

“The…show was thoroughly entertaining, illuminating and pioneering…”
– The upcoming


Choreographers/Dancers: Magdalena Mannion, Noemí Luz & Yinka Esi Graves
Musical Director/Guitarist: Liam Howarth
Singer: Tremendo Hijo
Composer/Cellist for “When Viola Met Vargas”: Colin Alexander
Sound Designer for “Into Being”: José Tomé
Spoken Word Artist for “I come to my body as a question” : Toni Stuart
Light Design: Antony Hately
Stage Management: Ina Berggren
Choreographic Advisor: Chloé Brulé
Additional Choreographic Support for “Into Being”: Vera Koeppern
“I come to my body as a question”: López de Santos
“When Viola Met Vargas”: Sonia Cortés
“Into Being”: Fábrica Flamenca

Tours with Dancenet Sweden autumn 2019.