With a solid ground in the folk tradition, placed in our time and with an outlook at something new, Anna Öberg creates a performance together with Dancenet Sweden

“I move in the tensions between folk dance and contemporary dance. In some context I am looked upon as reactionary, in others as an avant-gardist and a provocateur. I am personally interested in what rubs in between the two.” Anna Öberg

With pulse and rhythm as a driving force, four dancers and two of Sweden’s most renowned folk musicians create a performance with both groove and vibration.

“I am thinking of SOLITUDE as different shades of pulse and rhythm. The pulse that you can hear, see and feel. The pulse which seduces and destroys, unifies and creates meanings but also forces us to uniformity and exposes us to the risks of falling out. The contrasts between belonging and loneliness – I wish to share these extremes with the audience.” – Anna Öberg


The interaction between dance and music runs as a red thread trough Anna Öberg’s choreographic work, and her reinventing approach has received great attention both within and outside the genre. In 2006, she graduated from DOCH (The University of Dance and Circus). Already in 2012, her solo performance Trace (Spår) toured Dancenet Sweden. Three years later she was awarded an master degree in choreography at DOCH as the first traditional dancer in its history. In 2017, she was awarded the newly founded prize Årets Dans (the Dance of theYear) at the Folk- World Music Gala Performance.



Anita Vika Langodegård is educated at the Norwegian Dance College and has a Bachelor of Arts in modern as well as contemporary dance. She is an active dancer in both Norwegian folk dance and contemporary dance. Vika Langodegård has, amongst others, worked for companies such as Frikar Dancecompany, Fjortoft Cultureproductions and at Västanå Theatre.



Bert Persson is a dance pedagogue and educated at Collage of Dance. He has taught traditional folk dance for more than 30 years and became senior lecturer in folk dance in 1994.  In addition to his solid work as a pedagogue and education manager, he has been active as a choreographer and artistic director of the Swedish Folkdance Ensemble. As a dancer he has participated in the group Virvla as well as in the first performance of Margareta Åsberg’s Pyramids, which was performed at the Museum of Modern Arts. Persson’s passion for folk dance started as early as 1965 and has continued since then.



Lotta Johansson is a cheek-to-cheek dancer inspired by dance styles such as foxtrot, schottische, jive as well as jazz, flamenco and character dance. However, after her education in folk dance at Väddö Folk High School it is folk dance which has foremost dominated Johansson’s movement vocabular. She has performed in duos on stage with the dancer Ami Petersson Dregelid and danced with the group Virvla, and before then with the Swedish Folk Dance Ensemble.



Viktor Fröjd is a dancer and choreographer educated at Åsa Folk High School and has a candidature degree from DOCH (The University of Dance and Circus) in Stockholm. He has number of choreographic works which are performed all around the Nordic countries. Fröjd is foremost a freestyle dancer and active within the street scenes and he has won number of battles internationally and nationally.


Olof Misgeld is a fiddler with a unique voice, strongly influenced by his studies of traditional music styles from different parts of Sweden. Exploring the artistic and pedagogical possibilities in folk music is central in his artistic and pedagogical work, by improvising, new ensemble forms and the interaction with dance. Misgeld is senior lecturer in folk music at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, and a demanded folk musician. He has broad experiences as a musician in various ensembles and scenic contexts.



Petter Berndalen is a pioneering percussionist, deeply anchored in Swedish folk music. He is the first percussionist in the world to have a degree in Swedish folk music. After a period of 10 years musical studies at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm he got in 2008 a Master´s degree. Berndalen appears frequently, in Sweden and in the rest of the world as a solo artist, as well as with number of bands and projects.




Choreography: Anna Öberg
Co-creating dancers: Lotta Johansson, Anita Langødegård, Bert Persson, Viktor Fröjd
Musicians: Olof Misgeld, Petter Berndalen
Light design: Anton Andersson
Sound design: Elize Arvefjord
Sound technician: Sigge Krantz
Production: Dansnät Sverige
Co-production: Norrlandsoperan, Västmanlandsmusiken, Jönköping kommun, Kultur i Väst, Rum för Dans, Dansstationen
Residency: Västmanlandsmusiken, Dansens Hus
Co-production model: Nordberg Movement and Dancenet Sweden
Financial support: Kulturrådet, samproducerande parter
Photo: Mats Bäcker
Duration: 60 min
Thanks to: Karin Jamesson, Charlotta Ruth, Peter Mills

Tours with Dancenet Sweden autumn 2019