A dance concert with playful choreography & razor-sharp strings

The Andersson Dance and Scottish Ensemble made a great success with their interpretation of the Goldberg variations in 2015. With thirteen musicians and three dancers they now continue with their successful interaction and take on the task of Beethoven’s Grosse Fuge in combination with the music of Lutoslawski and Bach. In this generous dance-concert one experiences a mixture of diverse music and dance, creating a suggestive and irrational dream world. In Prelude – skydiving from a dream one experiences music never earlier seen and dance never earlier heard.

Örjan Andersson is one of Sweden’s most noticeable choreographers and has lead his project company Andersson Dance since 1996. An earlier experience as a dancer with the Batsheva Dance Company was decisive for his future work. He has created a-number of performances for many of the larger dance companies, such as Cullbergbaletten, Kungliga Operan, and Göteborgsoperan. He has also worked internationally with the Nederland’s Dance Theatre and the Companía Nacional de Danza in Madrid. During latter years one can note cross-boundary co-operations between actors, dancers and musicians within Andersson Dance’s performances, as well as at the Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm, Folkteatern in Gothenburg and Folkoperan in Stockholm.


Choreographer: Örjan Andersson Music Director: Jonathan Morton Music: Beethoven Grosse Fuge / Grosse Fugue plus utdrag ur J. S. Bach Fugans Konst / Die Kunst der Fuge / The Art of Fugue, samt Lutosławski Preludes and Fugue for 13 Solo Strings Dancers Andersson Dance: Ida “Inxi” Holmlund, Clyde Emmanuel Archer, Hokuto Kodama Musicians Scottish Ensemble: Violin: Jonathan Morton Violin 1: Cheryl Crockett, Daniel Pioro, Kate Suthers Violin 2: Clio Gould, Joanne Green, Laura Ghiro Viola: Jane Atkins, Andrew Berridge, Asher Zaccardelli Cello: Alison Lawrance, Naomi Pavri Double bass: Diane Clark Light and set design: Tobias Hallgren, Örjan Andersson Costume: Bente Rolandsdotter Production: Andersson Dance, Scottish Ensemble & Nordberg Movement Made possible with support from the Swedish Arts Council, Stockholms Stad, Region Stockholm, Creative Scotland and Adam Mickiewicz Institute as part of the Polska Music programme. Duration: ca 70 min