Jeanette Langert

Jean av Jeanette Langert (2014–2015)

”Miss Julie is mad again tonight, completely mad!” The opening line of August Strinberg’s classical work Miss Julie inspired the choreographer Jeanette Langert in her work with Dancenet Sweden’s co-production “Jean” and the starting-point was the play’s manservant with the same name.

In the project Langert worked with a local context by producing her creation in different rooms representing the stable, kitchen and the manor house in Strindberg’s Miss Julie. Rooms where the dominating positions between gender and class were made clear. Discussions with the audience and invited guests were arranged.

The tour lasted eleven weeks and visited as many locations.


Choreography and concept: Jeanette Langert
Dancers: Dan Langeborg, Jimmie Larsson, Timo Nieminen
Light design: Johan Sundén
Assistant choreographer: Dan Langeborg
Technician: Imre Zsibrik
Music: Byetone
Production: Dancenet Sweden
Co-producers: Dancenet Sweden’s partners
Financing: Kulturrådet, PostkodLotteriets Kulturstiftelse and the partners.