Have you ever wondered how a dance performance is made? How a choreography emerges and is processed? Have you wanted to influence the result? You now have a chance to do exact so! ‘We are present’ is a dance production that not only provides insight into a creative dance process, but also gives you as an audience the opportunity to direct and set.

‘We are present’ is a unique stage experience, a combination of lecture and performance, taking you on a journey into a creative dance process. In an interactive game between creators and audience, an exclusive dance performance is created right in front of your eyes. The stage is transformed into a playground where nothing can go wrong and you as an audience are involve in deciding the rules of the game. If you decide to be a passive spectator, then this will also work fine.

You will move through five phases, guided by a choreographer and two professional dancers. You will take an active part in a creation where a production slowly emerges and generates life on stage. The dancers’ movements become pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, sharpened and joined, tried and deleted. Sequences take shape and the scene is filled with sensuality, body control and humour. The newly created material is now rehearsed with increasing certainty and emphasis. Shortly a new dance piece has been born – and you are one of the creators.

The performance idea is signed by the Italian Fabio Liberti. A versatile choreographer with an interest in communication and language. His primary tool of communication is always movement, usually combined with text, theatricality and music. We are present is no exception.


Choreographer: Fabio Liberti
Dancers: Arina Trostyanetskaya and Christian Leveque

Touring with Dancenet Sweden spring 2021
Photo: Christoffer Brekne