Accuteness and pace as ccap presents two solos

Cristina Caprioli is considered one of Sweden’s foremost top choreographers, famous for her intellectual and often politically twisted productions. She has been active on the dance scene for more than 40 years and is now back on stage as a dancer in her own unique scary solo.

Cristina Caprioli is a choreographer who is incessantly present. With a solid list of qualifications and artistry and in continuous progress, her work is characterized by complexity and physical precision.

In Scary Solo Caprioli dance her own choreography in the performance. It is an uncompromising solo where the hair sometimes whirls around the stage room, but at times becomes tranquil and uncertain. As if her restlessness is transformed into small trembles.

However, if Scary Solo is attentive, Omkretz22 is quick as lightning and holds a constant tempo with captivating music. The eminent dancer, Madeleine Lindh, takes the scene with sharp angles, dance on the diagonal and high leg lifts. Together with live music by Yoann Durant, she gets to end an evening of perfect balance of stringency and speed.

Dancenet Sweden has previously toured Cristina Caprioli/ccap:s work Cicadaremix (2009), Avtäckning (2008) and Very Very (2008).


“This varied solo changes as fast as the weather in its moods and is at the same time strictly serious and playfully erratic”.
Peter Stenson about Scary solo,

Cristina Caprioli’s signum as a choreographer is the intellectual aspect of dance
Margareta Sörensson, Danstidningen

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Choreography: Cristina Caprioli
Dancer: Cristina Caprioli
Music: Alessandro Cortini and Asher Tuil
Technique: Lumination of Sweden
Trailer: Thomas Zamolo
Photograph: Franz Kimmel

A Scary Solo is a ccap-production financed by Kulturrådet, Region Stockholm, Stockholm Stad and Riksteatern.


Choreography: Cristina Caprioli
Dancer: Madeleine Lindh
Live Music: Yoann Durant
Light: Thomas Zamolo

Omkretz22 is a ccap-production financed by Kulturrådet, Region Stockholm and Stockholm Stad.


Portrait photo Cristina: Maryam Barari
Portrait photo Madeleine: Anja Arnquist
Portrait photo Yoann: Teitur Ardal