Our co-production


Dancenet Sweden´s partners are joining together in the largest co-production ever made for contemporary dance in Sweden.

In 2014-2015 Dancenet Sweden launched a brand new model for co-producing contemporary dance. While the first production, Jean by Jeanette Langert, is touring we are open up for a new application round for our next co-production 2016-2017.

The co-production model is a complement to the network’s regular tours of dance and performing arts. The goal is to create stimulating and inspiring new processes and collaborations through dance all around in Sweden. With the model Dancenet Sweden is creating a new structure for artists to work longer periods in various locations across the country and wants to create a deep interaction and dialogue between artists, organizers, local actors and audiences.

The network aims to enhance the importance of the site for the art form and wants to highlight as its main strength the diversity of the partners. Through a close contact between dance artists, the partners in Dancenet Sweden, the local environment and the audiences, the network wants to stimulate new artistic expressions and discussions that are engaging, that touch people and leave traces.

The model for co-production has been created by Nordberg Movement on behalf of Kultur i Halland/Rum för dans.


The project is supported by Swedish Arts Council and the Culture Foundation of the Swedish Postcode Lottery


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