Pere Faura

What do you expect to see when you go to a performance at NorrlandsOperan? What do you expect to see when you go to a striptease show? And what do you expect to see when you go to a dance show called Striptease at NorlandsOperan?

The conventions of theatre and striptease are put side by side for a naked comparison in Pere Faura’s stand-up monologue Striptease, stirring up our role as spectators. With humour, surprises and the mechanisms of desire, the seductive relationship between audience and the stage performer is turned upside down. We take a deep dive into the world of striptease, our expectations ironized and suddenly – Pere Faura changes focus and your gaze plays the lead role!

Who is ultimately undressed – is it the actor or the spectator?

Pere Faura is a Catalan performance artist with a background in ballet and contemporary dance. In his work, he mixes pop cultural phenomena such as striptease, disco or musicals with traditional theatre conventions. The result is challenging and thought-provoking.

Koncept & direction: Pere Faura
Performers: Pere Faura, Demi Moore
Video: Pere Faura
Music: Carlos Jobim, Annie Lenox mixat av Ivo Bol
Light: Paul Schimmel, Pere Faura
Technician: Sergio Roca Saiz
Texts from:  “Undressing the First Amendment and Corestting the Striptease Dancer” by Judith Lynne Hanna, “Striptease. The Art of Spectacle and Transgression” by Dahlia Schweitzer, “Narrative Striptease in the Nightclub Era” by Ben Urish
Dramaturg assistans: Jeroen Fabius
Length: 40 min
Production: Frascati Theater, Amsterdam

Aerowaves Twenty16 Artist

/ Gå till toppen /


    23rd of November
    Stockholm, Dansens Hus

    24th of November
    Stockholm, Dansens Hus

    27th of november
    Uddevalla, Regionteater Väst

    29th of November
    Malmö, Dansstationen/Palladium

    2nd of December
    Umeå, NorrlandsOperan

    5th of December
    Uppsala, Uppsala Konsert och Kongress