Art of Spectra
Who Are U

Who are U revolves around the issue of identity, how we define ourselves and what differentiates us from others. It is a performance about what it means to be human. Who am I? Who am I to others?

In Art of Spectra’s stage language, visual art is crossbred with movement, light and sound. The choreographic language is at once fine-tuned and powerful, drawing energy from film, the martial arts and subculture. The choreographer’s background in breakdance is evident – a sounding board, and the choreography, always contains nerve-wracking moments and risk taking without a safety net.

Art of Spectra’s artistic expression is ever evolving, with dialog as a constant. There is dialog with the audience, between the dancers, between the different artistic expressions and with society. And now they are wondering – who are you?

Choreography, direction, music Peter Svenzon
On stage: Norikazu Aoki, Joakim Envik Karlsson, Ulriqa Fernqvist, Yukiko Masui
Marc Stevenson Tibio, Staffan Svensson.
Trumpet/ composer: Staffan Svensson
Set & costume: Nåck studios Sthlm.
Light: Robert Jadenfelt
Photoi: Joakim Envik Karlsson, Josef Atlestam (Eneles Film) & Peter Svenzon
Text: Lina Ekdahl, mfl.
Co-production: NorrlandsOperan
Residency: Kungsbacka teatern/Rum för Dans, Regionteater väst, NorrlandsOperan samt ArtGarage (IT)
With support from: Kulturrådet, Göteborgs kulturnämnd, Konstnärsnämnden, Västra Götalandsregionen

/ Gå till toppen /


    7th of November
    Halmstad, Kulturhuset

    9th of November
    Umeå, Norrlandsoperan

    14th of November
    Västerås, Västerås Konserthus

    16th of November
    Gävle, Gävle Teater

    18th of November
    Jönköping, Per Braheteatern

    21st of November
    Vara, Vara Konserthus

    23rd of November
    Falkenberg, Falkhallen